Saturday, February 21, 2015

T.I.N.A. Melt ~ It's What's For Lunch

The Market Trend Model ( continues to show a positive bias as the market indexes closed at 52-week highs on Friday.  Weekly volume declined across the major indexes despite options expiration on Friday (remember markets were closed on Monday for President's Day holiday). Geopolitical fears in the Ukraine and Greece have faded into the background as the easy monetary policies of central banks around the globe fuel the stock market melt upward.

The Nasdaq is especially strong, rising for eight consecutive days as it approaches its all time closing high set back in March 2000.  The Nasdaq last rose eight consecutive days back in February 2014 before this index topped out two weeks later and 100 points higher (+2%) in early March 2014. 

Today the Nasdaq is about 93 points (1.84%) below its all time closing high.  It certainly appears likely the Nasdaq will repeat this month the same price action it displayed this time last year.  With central bank policies around the globe manipulating interest rates and currencies in what Gil Morales ( calls an "Orwellian" fantasy world, it appears "there is no alternative" but for money to pile into stocks ( 

Be that as it may, at the moment stocks are on the rise. Enjoy the T.I.N.A. melt while it is being served and remain mindful that anything can happen in such a highly manipulated market environment.